Friday, August 30, 2013

How to create a facebook business page


If you are going to start a business or having a business and want to promote something. Then facebook page is the best way. If you start promote through facebook page. You need to create a facebook fan page. This can be done easily. I can give you the instructions  to create a facebook business page in 5 steps.

1: Login to your facebook account

Go to facebook and login your facebook account using username(email address) and password. If you dont have facebook account or to start new account for fan pages. Then create new account.

I would prefer you start with your existing account if you have. Because on that account you may have lot of connections, so you can easy to invite them for become fans of your page.

2: Click Create Page

Clicking on the above link you moved to a new page. There is you need to select the type of page you'd like to create. There are six options provided by the facebook. You can choose one of them.

  • Local Business or Place : You need to provide category, place of business
  • Company, Organization or Institution : You need to provide category, place of Organization 
  • Brand or Product : You need to select the category of product and to type in the name of the product.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure : You need to select category for the type of artist, public figure that you want to promote and his or her name.
  • Entertainment : You need to choose type of entertainment also the name.
  • Cause or Community : You need to write name of cause or Community
3: Enter Basic Information About Business Page 

After choosing suitable category. Enter the all the information related to your business. Then click on "Get Started"

4. Set up business page

  • Enter the details of your business page in about section. In this section you have to enter Category of your page and a short description about your business page.
  • Next you have to upload a profile picture your business page.
  • There is a new option from fb that "Add to Favorites". If you click on button. Then you can access your page very quickly from sidebar of our facebook.
  • Reach More People : Its also a new option from fb. Its for promoting your page with the help of facebook. Here you need to pay for reach your page to more people. If you not interested just skip that step.
5. Make more and more likes to page
Your fan page must reach more and more people and get more likes to page.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to get free facebook likes for your fan page

Using Facebook grow your traffic. Get more business. Its best practice to use Facebook for advertising your products or brands what ever it is. The new study's explain that most of the people want to share there thoughts and things through Facebook. So its best practice to use Facebook as a advertising media for your business. 

How to get facebook likes
get facebook likes

There are several ways to get the real facebook likes to your fan page. First upon i categorized facebook likes to two. 
  • Buying Facebook Likes
  • Get Free Facebook Likes
Let me explain both for you.

1. Buying Facebook Likes
You can buy facebook likes from several ways. There are several type of providers are there. The price of the each facebook package different for different providers. Lets we can check where we can buy facebook likes.
  1. Using social media marketing websites
  2. Facebook advertising or facebook promotion
  3. Buying Facebook Likes from facebook likes providers
  • Using social media marketing websites
There are lot of social media marketing websites there, providing facebook likes. Top of the sites are below
In above sites there are thousands of sellers providing there services at affordable prices. You can buy facebook likes package that suitable for you from there. There are variety of pricing are there. 

One of the negative side of those site is, you may be get fake likes from there. You can see 5000 facebook likes for $5. Its very cheap, but the likes they provide may be using bots or software. They are inactive and no use for your fan page, also may be disappear after some datys.
  • Facebook advertising or facebook promotion
You can promote your facebook fan page using facebook advertising method. You can promote your page or your particular post using facebook promotion.

One of the problem is this method is that, it is very costly compare to other methods. If you want to promote your facebook fan page. The facebook basic package for fan page starts at $10. It will get your page 21 - 86 likes only. If you need more.. You have to pay more and more money
  • Buying Facebook Likes from facebook likes providers in the web
There are lot of facebook likes providing websites are there in the web. You can buy facebook likes from them. The price is varying from one provider to another.

The one of the problem on this method is we cant say, if we can trust them or they real . There are lot of providers under black list. They are take your money and deliver nothing. So careful before buying try to find reviews from net about the provider that your looking for buy.

2.Get Free Facebook Likes

You can get free facebook likes by using social media exchange method or using thesocialhitz . Let me explain both.
  • Social media exchange
  • Thesocialhitz
There are lot of social media exchange sites are there.Few examples are:
For getting free facebook likes from social media exchange sites. You have to register that sites using your email address and login your facebook or make a fake account for that. Then you start liking other pages that post on the websites. For each like you get points and after getting some points, there is a option for adding your fan pages. Then you can adjust points for each likes that your going to get.

The negative side of this method is that. The most of the likes you getting may unlike after some time. And most of the profiles that like your page is fake. Just create for getting points in social media exchange sites.
Thesocialhitz is a social media marketing comapny which providing free facebook likes, youtube stuffs and also google plus ones services. They have both free and premium packages. From free package you can get limited number of free facebook likes to page.